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YLcaster's Medium Duty Caster Series range from 65mm to 150mm, the load capacity range from 60KG to 150KG. The regular sizes are 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and a few items have 6 inch. The wheel width is basically unified at 32mm, and some individual styles may reach to 35mm.

According to the different materials of the wheels, it can be divided into PVC casters, Polyurethane Casters, Plastic Casters, Rubber Casters, TPR Casters, Nylon Casters, Cast Iron Casters, Iron Core Polyurethane Casters, Aluminum Core Polyurethane Casters and Elastic Rubber Casters, etc.

According to the installation method, there are Top Plate Casters, Threaded Stem Casters, and Bolt Hole Casters. The Plate Casters need 4 sets of screws&nuts to be installed together, while the assembly and disassembly of the Threaded Stem Casters and the Bolt Hole Casters are much more easier.

If you need economical Medium Duty Casters, Plastic Casters and PVC Casters are good choices; if you want higher load capacity, Polyurethane Casters, Iron Core Polyurethane Casters, Aluminum Core Polyurethane Casters and Nylon Casters are the first choice. If you need to protect the floor, Polyurethane Casters, TPR Casters are more suitable.

Medium Duty Casters are widely used in various fields, the most common ones appear in front of people as Trolley Wheel. They can be found in various scenes such as flat trolleys, shelves, tool carts, street foodcarts, and refrigerators. Specifically, you can choose the appropriate style according to your actual needs.

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