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Medium-heavy Duty Casters, literally means to under take the supplement of Medium Duty Casters and Heavy Duty Casters, which are larger in size and higher in load capacity than Medium Duty Casters, but not as good as Heavy Duty Casters.


The single wheel size of this series covers from 75mm to 150mm, and the load capacity range from 130KG to 250KG. Specifically, there are 3 Inch Casters, 4 Inch Casters, 5 Inch Casters and 6 Inch Casters. The wheel width is basically unified at38-40mm. 3-inch and 4-inch share one size of base plate and hole spacing, 100x82mm and 75x55mm; 5-inch and 6-inch share another size of base plate and hole spacing, 112x100mm and 85x72mm.


There are currently 3 different materials for Medium-heavy Caster Wheels, namely polyurethane, plastic and TPR.

The Medium-heavy Duty Casters are generally swivel, fixed and double brake, and the conventional ones are Plate Casters. If necessary, threaded stem type and bolt hole type can also be customized. The wheel style adopts 6201zz double ball bearing design, high load-bearing and durable. The Polyurethane Type Caster has a hollow core, while the TPR Type Caster has a double bearing dust cover.

The surface of the caster bracket is treated with electrophoresis, and the ballrace of the rotating and brake models are equipped with dust-proof rings.


As a supplement to Medium Duty Casters And Heavy Duty Casters, Medium-heavy Duty Casters can fill the gap between the two. If the Medium Duty Casters are not enough, it will make up for it; if the Heavy Duty Casters are a bit too hard, it will replace it.


In addition to Plastic Casters, Polyurethane Casters and TPR Casters, these three materials are Medium-heavy Duty Casters, and more styles are waiting for your discovery.

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