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Single wheels, including those that can be assembled into light, medium and heavy duty casters, and even extra heavy duty casters. Wheel sizes range from 2" to 14" and load capacity from 22LBS to 30 tons. Of cousre, 1" wheels are also available if you need. Materials are plastic, nylon, copolymer, rubber, PVC, polyurethane, TPR, cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc. Some are bearingless wheels, but there are also plain bearing single wheels, roller bearing single wheels, ball bearing single wheels, Derlin bearing single wheels, etc. Color, thickness, material, logo, hardness, performance, etc. can also be customized. Single wheels are usually not used directly, and generally need to be installed with the help of other accessories. The caster bracket is the most commonly used accessory, and the two are combined to make a complete caster. However, the single wheel can also be used with other accessories to achieve the purpose of use. Whether it's to replace the damaged caster wheel, buy it and assemble it into a caster wheel, or an accessory product, we can provide you with reasonable advice. You can also buy or customize it according to your actual needs.
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