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  • R&D System
    R&D System

    We have an experienced development and design team. Provide infinite power for our design innovation. We insist on various trainings for employees and daily maintenance of machines to lay a solid foundation for normal and efficient production.

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  • Casters make life more convenient
    Casters make life more convenient

    Caster materials are mainly divided into: plastic casters, nylon casters, steel casters, high temperature resistant phenolic resin casters, rubber casters, PVC casters, TPE silent casters, etc. In addition to the main caster materials, caster materials include cast iron, cast steel, and nitrile. Rubber casters (NBR), nitrile rubber, natural rubber casters, silicone fluorine rubber casters, neopren...

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  • Convenience and value, casters that last a long time.
    Convenience and value, casters that last a long time.

    It is also very difficult to trace the history of casters. However, after people invented the wheel, it became much easier to carry and move objects. However, the wheel can only run in a straight line, and the change of direction when carrying heavy objects still remains. It was very difficult, and later people invented wheels with steering structures, which are what we call casters or universal w...

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  • Ylcaster's Markets
    Ylcaster's Markets

    YLcaster's markets cover 75 countries and regions on six continents. For the specific location, you can check the blue dots on the map above, and they refer to the country and region where our customers are located. Humans cannot leave the caster wheels at present, wherever there are people, different caster wheels are needed to help with production and construction.

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  • Service System
    Service System

    YLCASTER is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality services. Before sale, during sale, after sale, we strive to make every reasonable request of customers, so that customers worry-free, worry-free and effortless.

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  • Loading System
    Loading System

    We implement strict cargo loading and transportation standards, and strive to deliver caster products to customers safely under scientific and reasonable conditions.

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  • QC System
    QC System

    We implement a strict QC system, starting from the source, and comprehensively, to create high-quality caster wheels that can satisfy customers.

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  • Packing System
    Packing System

    Reasonable packaging is also an important manifestation of strength. We can provide scientific packaging solutions for various products and different customer needs. On the premise of ensuring safe transportation, enhance brand influence for customers.

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  • Warehouse System
    Warehouse System

    We implement the first-in-first-out, first-come, first-use warehousing rule for raw materials, semi-finished and finished of all kinds of casters and trolleys products. Cooperate with advanced warehouse management system to realize efficient management.

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