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  • May 18 , 2022 Happy Birthday To Tiffany And Lee!
    Happy Birthday! Tiffany, Lee. Another year has passed, and time flies. You will also step into a new annual ring, a new journey. I wish you good health and happiness, and all your dreams come true!
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  • May 10 , 2022 Happy 5th Anniversary to Jasper
    Today is the 5th anniversary of Jasper joining YLcaster. Thank you for your continuous support and company. You are the mainstay of the company, leading everyone forward. I look forward to your better performance and help the company to climb to the top. I wish you a happy anniversary and your career is rising.   Hoy es el quinto aniversario de la incorporación de Jasper a YLcaster. Gracias p...
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  • Apr 29 , 2022 Happy Labor Day!
    According to the instructions of the General Office of the State Council, our company will implement the May 1 International Labor Day holiday rest arrangement, from April 30 to May 4, for a period of 5 days. Work on May 5th. However, please don't worry if you need all kinds of casters, we are still online and you can contact us at any time. Email: Whatsapp:+86 18126766...
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  • Apr 28 , 2022 Two type of red caster sets are shipping to the Amazon warehouse of United States
    Hot selling medium casters, 4 inch red casters and 5 inch dark red casters, they are all packaged as a set of 4 online sales kits, and include the screws and nuts required for installation, saving time for end customers Save effort and worry for our customers. This batch of movable casters is about to arrive at Amazon's warehouse in the United States and will soon be delivered to buyers. The 4-inc...
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  • Apr 28 , 2022 131st Canton Fair-See you in October
    The 131st online Canton Fair has closed, and the live broadcast has also stopped. However, friends in need of caster wheels can still contact us through various channels, such as some social media, Facebook, Twitter, Ins, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc., or on these websites, or email, etc. As long as you have needs, our business colleagues can also let you know more and more detailed caster products thro...
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  • Apr 19 , 2022 Light and medium duty pvc casters are going to India
    Hot selling light duty swivel casters and medium duty casters are all ready, loaded, and about to cross the Strait of Malacca to the Indian Ocean and reach our Indian customers. The 2 inch orange caster bracket adopts the electrophoresis process and the surface is black. The 3 inch red casters are galvanized and have a metallic luster. The wheels are all relatively soft materials, which can provid...
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