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  • Jul 23 , 2021 Sport time
    Today, after get off work, we concentrated to exercise together. The members of the company were divided into two groups, the badminton team and the basketball team, and each had a hearty sports activity. Even if you are busy at work, you must keep moving to stay active. YLcaster- You best caster wheels supplier
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  • Jul 19 , 2021 Happy Birthday Guys!
    Today is the birthday of boy Andy and Jessie and girl Andy. We gather together, sing birthday songs, eat cakes, fruits and snacks together to celebrate their birthdays.
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  • Jul 19 , 2021 Congratulations to the third anniversary
    Today is the third anniversary of Jimmy and Sophia joining YLcaster. We prepared gifts, video memories and snacks. We took turns to extend our sincere blessings to them, and they also shared with us their thoughts over the past three years. I wish them good luck and wish YLcaster a better future. We are YLcaster specializing in the production of various casters, please remember to contact us if yo...
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  • Jun 07 , 2021 The knock-on effect of the outbreak of Yantian Port on global logistics
    The knock-on effect of the outbreak of Yantian Port on global logistics   As the world's largest single container terminal, Shenzhen Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) is based in Shenzhen and is responsible for over 1/3 of Guangdong's foreign trade import and export and 1/4 of China's trade with the United States.   With a series of actions such as a two-day suspension, res...
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  • Jan 20 , 2021 Laba & Dahan
    Laba & Dahan Every December in the lunar calendar is commonly known as the twelfth lunar month. The eighth day of December is the Laba Festival, which is customarily called Laba. The Laba Festival has a long tradition and history in our country. Drinking Laba porridge and making Laba porridge on this day are the most traditional for people all over the country. , Is also the most exquisite cus...
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  • Dec 24 , 2020 Merry Christmas 2020
    Merry Christmas 2020 The Christmas of 2020 is coming! 2020, it’s a very difficult year to all of us. Nevertheless, we have broken through many difficulties and stride towards 2021. In such a special day, we-Ylcaster wish you a Merry Christmas! May your Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you a...
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