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The Light Duty Casters, Medium Duty Casters, Medium-Heavy Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, and Super Heavy Duty Casters series of Industrial Casters are widely used in various industrial production and transportation or other scenarios.

Other series of casters will have relatively exclusive application fields. Such as standard Industrial Rubber Casters, mainly used for industrial carts and so on. Stainless steel casters, suitable for places with high humidity, such as casters for seafood market carts. The Low Profile Casters have a low center of gravity and smooth movement, which is suitable for heavy machinery and equipment. Scaffold Casters, as the name suggests, facilitate the movement of the scaffolds. Shock Absorbing Casters are commonly used in auto repair shops and the like. Shopping Cart Casters are also literally meant for shopping carts in supermarkets. Waste Bin Casters appeared for the convenience of moving large trash cans. Because of its fixed and movable characteristics, the Leveling Casters is suitable for less mobile machinery and equipment. Workbench Casters are suitable for moving heavy tables or tables or cabinets with processing equipment. Pallet Truck Wheels are also literally used as Load-Bearing Wheels and Drive Wheels for manual and electric pallet trucks. The Grooved Casters is suitable for items with tracks, such as small mine carts, gates, etc. High temperature resistant casters, mainly used for oven carts, drying carts, etc. Food Cart Casters are suitable for food delivery trolley carts in restaurants and hotels.

These special casters basically have their own main purpose. If you can't find the right caster, you can consult us, and we will provide you with the most suitable suggestion according to your needs.

Caster wheel sizes range from 1” to 12”, with load capacities from 22LBS to 30 tons.

Wheel materials include plastic, nylon, PVC, polyurethane, cast iron, aluminum alloy, rubber, TPR, co-polymer, steel, phenolic, stainless steel, etc. There are both single wheel casters and twin-wheel casters. The application is very wide, including all aspectseven medical and furniture.

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