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YLcaster is with you April 2,2020.

YLcaster is with you

In the face of the unprecedented coronavirus, we must take it seriously and persistently. The global situation is getting more and more severe. My friends, please follow the anti-epidemic regulations formulated by your government and contribute to this war. Only through solidarity and cooperation can we reach the ultimate victory. The epidemic has not ended for a moment, and we cannot relax for a moment! No matter what the situation, we YLcaster is with you!


The previous manuals for doctors' anti-epidemic diseases have been translated into many languages with the selfless help of the majority of volunteers. Friends in need, especially soldiers on the front lines of epidemic resistance, can download, reference and learn from the following addresses; Our experts and front-line doctors study the condition together. Those who have friends of doctors and nurses, please also tell your friends or download this guide for them. I hope to help you.


May all humans overcome the new crown virus at an early date and regain the good times of the past.


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