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This is a protracted battle April 23,2020.

This is a protracted battle


     So far, the new coronavirus has swept more than 116 countries and regions around the world, more than 2.55 million people have been infected, only 650,000 people have been cured, and nearly 180,000 people have died, causing immeasurable losses to the world and causing endless pain . This smokeless war has been going on for a long time, and a quarter of 2020 has passed.

    Thanks to the medical staff who worked hard in the field of anti-epidemic, thank the various people who assisted in the management of anti-epidemic, and also give us a compliment for our active cooperation. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties, most of us are safe and sound. Those unfortunate people have always stayed in the spring of 2020. The battle continues, and the global war against epidemics is far from over. As long as there is one patient in a country or region that has not yet recovered, we will not be safe for a day. This is a protracted tug-of-war. We can't relax our vigilance. The protective measures should still be carried out carefully.
    We Ylcaster mainly produces and sells caster wheels and hand trolleys, and currently we can't provide you with more substantial help. We can only cheer everyone up in spirit and provide you with the information to fight against the epidemic. The GMCC, which we have provided before, has updated three prevention and control manuals, including [Construction and Operation Manual of Emergency Hospital for COVID-19] [Construction and Operation Manual of Fangcang Shelter Hospitals for COVID-19 Summary[COVID-19 Outbreak Hospital Response Strategyin Chinese and English. Friends in need can go to the above to download and use. Now more experienced hospitals have joined this website to provide more and more effective suggestions for everyone.
    Global anti-epidemic needs the joint efforts and cooperation of all of us, and you are also an outstanding fighter. We humans will win!

GMCC Home Page https://gmcc.alibabadoctor.com/

Manual Download Link https://gmcc.alibabadoctor.com/prevention-manual

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