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Li Xia-Begining of Summer May 7,2019.

Li Xia-Begining of Summer-YLcaster

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, and the first solar term in summer, which means the formal beginning of midsummer season and the solar season when the sun reaches 45 degrees of the Yellow Meridian. Dou refers to the southeastern part of the country, where everything grows up, so it is also known as Xia.


It is predicted that summer will come and the weather will be gradually hot. In ancient times, people held a solemn ceremony of "greeting summer"; folk also gradually formed a series of customs such as eating "five-color rice" and eggs, implying disaster relief and praying for blessings.


But in the early summer of this year, the temperature of Guangdong is lower than that of last winter solstice. It's strange.

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