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Dragon Boat Festival June 7,2019.

Dragon Boat Festival-YLcaster

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, Double Boat Festival, Midday Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Zhengyang Festival, Bath Orchid Festival and Tianzhong Festival, is one of the four traditional festivals in China. Dragon Boat Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the worship of dragons in ancient times. The origin of Dragon Boat Festival contains profound cultural connotations and bears rich historical and cultural implications in its inheritance and development. The Dragon Boat Festival custom is carried out in the form of praying for good fortune and taking good fortune, suppressing evil spirits and bringing disaster into full swing. Its content is rich and colorful, and it is full of joy and festivity. The main customs of praying for luck and Naxiang are dragon boating and sacrificing dragons. The main customs of pressing evil and bringing disaster are hanging mugwort, soaking dragon boat water, washing herbal medicine water, tied five color lines, etc. The festival food mainly includes zongzi, five yellow, and so on. During the Dragon Boat Festival, performances through various traditional folk activities can not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, but also inherit and carry forward the traditional culture.

Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient folk festival, which originated in China, earlier than the Dragon Boat Festival in Jiangling, South Korea. It was originally a festival in which the Wuyue tribes worshipped dragon totems and worshipped dragon ancestors in the form of dragon boat race in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions of ancient China. There are also stories originating from bad moonlight, summer season, orchid bath and commemoration of Quyuan, Wu Zixu and Cao E. Generally speaking, the Dragon Boat Festival originated in Wuyue area of southern China. It was regarded as a "bad moon" from the north. It was injected into the summer season of "dispelling diseases and preventing epidemics". It also commemorated the memorial contents of historical figures such as Quyuan's self-suicide in jumping the Yangtze River, and finally formed the cultural connotation of today's Dragon Boat Festival.

There are many Dragon Boat Festival customs, and there are differences in contents or details of Customs in different regions of the country because of different regional cultures. Dragon boat picking and rice dumplings are the two major customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. The custom of eating zongzi has been prevalent throughout China since ancient times. Dragon-boating is very popular in the coastal areas of southern China. It has been widely loved by people all over the world and has formed an international competition. Dragon Boat Festival has a wide influence in the world. The countries affected by Dragon Boat Festival culture are Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, Germany, Britain and so on.

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