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What are aluminium casters?

May 27 , 2022

What are aluminium casters? aluminium casters are essentially aluminium alloy casters. As we all know, the hardness and other properties of aluminium are not excellent and cannot be used alone. Most of the time we encounter in our lives are aluminium alloy products. By incorporating other materials, we make up for the shortcomings of aluminium itself to improve performance. The aluminium core polyurethane wheel in the picture is an aluminium alloy product.

A caster generally refers to a device that is composed of a single wheel and a bracket. The single wheel usually cannot be directly fixed to the thing we want to install by itself, and the caster bracket plays the role of fixing the wheel and connecting it to the installed object. The right side of the picture is a special size screw caster bracket customized by our customer. When we combine the aluminium core polyurethane single wheel on the left and the caster bracket on the right through screws and nuts, it is a complete caster.

Since casters are usually steel brackets, the difference is often the single wheel. So we usually name a caster by the material of the wheel. Like the aluminium core PU wheel made by combining the aluminium alloy wheel core and the polyurethane material in the picture, and the caster assembled with the corresponding bracket, we call it aluminium caster.

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