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Are all pallet jack wheels the same?

Jul 07 , 2022

Steering wheels and load wheels of pallet jacks-YLcaster

Are all pallet jack wheels the same?

No, they are different.

First, though, let's differentiate between pallet jacks, also some people called them pallet trucks. Pallet jacks are usually divided into two categories: powered and manual. The default I mentioned next is the manual pallet jacks/ hand pallet jacks.

According to the function, the pallet jacks wheels are divided into steering wheels and load wheels. Steering wheels, literally when you want to operate a pallet jack to change direction, play a vital role. The load wheel is the wheel that plays the main supporting role when the pallet jack is loaded. Generally speaking, the steering wheel is the pair of wheels closest to the operator and is located forward, so it is also called the front wheel of the pallet jack. The load wheel is farther away and is generally called the pallet truck rear wheel.

Different Size and material of pallet jack wheels-YLcaster

According to the size, pallet jack wheels are divided into large wheels and small wheels. Usually the pallet jack steering wheel is a large wheel, the models are 1650, 1850 and 2050, and the corresponding dimensions are 160x50mm, 180x50mm, 200x50mm. The load wheel is a small wheel, and the dimensions are 80x50mm, 80x60mm, 80x70mm, 80x80mm, 80x90mm and 80x100mm. Basically, the diameter of the small wheel is fixed, but the length is different.

According to the material, there are generally iron core PU wheels, aluminum core PU wheels, aluminum core rubber wheels, nylon wheels, copolymer wheels, etc.

For colors, red, white and orange are common, others can be customized.

In terms of shape, it is also different, especially the load wheel, some are like cylinders, some are like oak barrels ...

So, not all pallet jack wheels the same.

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