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New coming pu wheels for office chair casters

Jun 07 , 2021

Recently, a batch of transparent polyurethane wheels officially rolled off the injection line. They will soon be assembled into complete casters and shipped to our customers. This translucent double-ball bearing wheel is mainly used for office chair casters, and some people also use it as a pulley wheel. The wheel sizes are generally 2.5 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. Usually used for chairs are 2.5 and 3 inches. Excessive wheels will cause the caster's center of gravity to be too high and there is a risk of tipping. Judging from the existing styles, the chair casters made of this kind of wheels usually use a grip ring stem type mounting bracket, which is very convenient for installation or disassembly.

The casters made of the wheels are soft, silent and traceless, and can protect the floor to the utmost extent. The design of double ball bearing and double race is more durable.

This office chair caster is currently a hot-selling style on Amazon, and is generally sold in sets of 5.

Our company also has a sales plan for this product, with customizable bracket color, logo and outer packaging, which is convenient for friends in need to make personalized customization. At the same time, we can also provide shipment services to provide you with a one-stop comfortable shopping experience.

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