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Cast iron casters in today

May 21 , 2021

Cast iron casters in today

There are many types of cast iron casters, which are mainly divided by load capactiy level. They can be divided into light duty cast iron casters, medium duty cast iron casters and heavy duty cast iron casters. The applicable range is also very wide. Like heavy duty cast iron casters, due to their strong, wear-resistant, high load-bearing characteristics, they are usually used for handling tools such as industrial trolleys. With the advent of the retro trend, they are now more used on the table, with different surface treatments and colors, used as the legs of the coffee table, coffee table, etc., and even the bed. From industrial casters to furniture casters, the style of painting is completely different.

We YLcaster is a powerful manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sales of various caster wheels. We can provide you with different kinds of cast iron casters. In addition, it also supports various customization of casters. Friends who are interested and in need are welcome to consult and understand.

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