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Can you put pp casters on a couch?

Dec 01 , 2021

Can i put pp casters on a couch?

Yes, i can.

This is a kind of stem caster used by the customer on the furniture with an 11x36mm size plunger and pp material wheel, such as a sofa, table, cabinet, bed, etc. Because the bracket looks like a half-crescent moon, we also call it a crescent casters or plug in casters.

If your couch are equipted with holes for plug in pins, then you can buy the casters with the right size. Since this pp casters with a wide and thick wheel, four of them or more sure can carry the couch. And for how to install? That's a piece of cake. Just head to installation holes and push the pin in.

We just ship one container filled with this kind of pin casters with pp wheels to the USA. If you need caster wheels in large amount, or want to sale your own brand new casters, we can help you. Don't hesitate to call us.

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