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Black casters and iron pu casters selling on Amazon

Nov 17 , 2021

The casters of the two containers are ready to go. Destination, Canada. The black PVC caster belongs to the light duty  casters series, and the red pu caster is belong to the heavy duty iron core PU casters. They are all packed in a set of 4 into an e-commerce box set. Customers' logos are printed on the brackets of the wheels, and these logos will not easily disappear over time. The package box is also printed with customized icons and patterns, and the barcode of the product is affixed, including the outer packaging box, which meets Amazon's standards. These two casters are to enter the Amazon warehouse, and are delivered to the hands of various buyers by the courier.


If you are an Amazon seller, welcome to browse our website to find the style casters you need.

If you are a caster wholesaler or a caster accessory supplier, you can use centralized packaging to save costs.

If you own a hardware store, you can use the above packaging method. Of course, if the requirements are relatively high, you can still use Amazon's suit to enhance your brand image.

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