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How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters

Jun 18 , 2024

How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters?

Measuring casters and wheels on existing equipment can help you find appropriate replacements. When measuring, collect the following information for all casters:

Overall height
Wheel diameter
Wheel width
Swivel radius (the horizontal distance between the center of the raceway or kingpin and the furthest
edge of the wheel)
Unique dimensions will also need to be collected for each mounting type (plate, stem, bolt hole).

Caster Mount Type
There are three basic types of caster mount:
Plate: Attaches using bolts through designated bolt holes in the top plate.
Stem: Uses a stem as the attaching device.
Bolt hole: Stemless caster where a standard bolt is inserted into the hole and bolted to the equipment.
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