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Apr 29 , 2021

With the rapid development of the Internet, people rely more and more on it. More and more people choose to stay home and save a lot of time and energy to shop online. E-commerce has achieved unprecedented development. The scale of e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Shopyy, and Alibaba is growing. More and more people have also started to join Amazon and become one of many Amazon merchants. In order to help these customers, we have also customized various suitable services for Amazon customers, and are committed to providing customers with a one-stop, worry-free and effortless exclusive high-quality shopping experience.

The Amazon one-stop service we provide has the following five advantages.

Small MOQ

For all kinds of Amazon's hot-selling models of casters, we have a smaller minimum order quantity requirement, which provides convenience for small and medium-sized buyers, and even new Amazon customers.

Professional Marketing Advice

Based on years of experience in caster production and Amazon seller service, we can provide you with professional market information and reasonable suggestions to assist you in your development and growth.

Personalized Customization

The experienced R&D team can provide customized caster products according to the different needs of customers. Color, size, installation method, logo, Packaging appearance, accessory collocation, etc. are not a problem at all, everything can be achieved according to your requirements.

AMAZON Packing

We are very familiar with Amazon’s packaging requirements. Product barcode labels, inner box labels, and outer box marks are all no problem. Even if you need to add additional marks, you can still be satisfied.

Fast Delivery

We have an efficient design and production team and a strong transportation partner, which can respond quickly and safely deliver the caster products you need to your hands in a shorter time.

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